Move-In Day just got a whole lot easier!

I thought the room was a lot bigger…

Revolutionizing the transition to Dorm life. is a web-based 3-D interior design tool that allows college students to customize their dorm room interiors and purchase their favorite room selections online.

How it works:

1. See

Check out a 3-D model of your room before move-in day.

2. Select

Funky blankets, comfy chairs, bookcases, or an XBox. It's up to you.

3. Design

Collaborate with your roommates to create the perfect space.

4. Buy

Add stuff to your cart and have it shipped directly to your university.

Student benefits:

  • Eliminate last-minute shopping
  • Purchase all room needs online
  • Roommates can collaborate on room design

University benefits:

  • No cost to Residential Life and earn Alliance Fees
  • Receive updated files of room floor plans
  • Reduce calls regarding room dimensions

Parent benefits:

  • Ship purchases directly to the university — no more U-Hauls
  • Great for gift ideas
  • Send care packages to help your kids survive midterms