What is DesignYourDorm.com?

Background on DesignYourDorm.com

In 2008, we created DesignYourDorm.com in order to alleviate all the stress and hassle with moving into your dorm room. We received lots of interest from students and from parents who were looking for a tool to help them design their future room and then buy all of their products. Fast forward 10 years and those same challenges still exist! We are updating our designer to reflect today’s technology standards and are pumped to share it with you in June!

What to expect this Summer 2018

So little space, so much to do – so little time.

Later this year, you’re going to be moving into your freshman dorm.  Whether you know your roommate or not, designing your future room must seem like a daunting task.  The cubicle you will call home for the next nine months needs to be outfitted with so many things, from extra long bed sheets to mini-fridges to accent posters that show off your eclectic taste in music.  Coordinating who needs to bring the microwave and the TV has to be difficult with you and your roommate’s contrasting schedules.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of that arranged without playing phone tag and sending hundreds of Facebook messages?  Design Your Dorm is a new 3D virtual dorm room creator made to do just that.  This website acts as your own personal interior design tool, allowing you to choose your future residence hall (dorm) and drag and drop furniture and other accessory items into your actual room.  You can customize your dorm room any way you like and then purchase your favorite items and have them shipped directly to your dorm so they are waiting for you on move-in day.  Forget trying to figure out what you need to buy and what your roommate is bringing – you can use Design Your Dorm to select all the items you will need, save the changes you’ve made to your dorm room, and show your future roommate – saving each of you the precious little time you have left to hang out with your high school friends.

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