How To Make Your Room The Hangout

  1. In terms of decorating, try and remain gender neutral. Ladies, no guys wants to hang out in a room that looks like a pieces of sugar free bubblegum and guys, the girls might be a little freaked out if you have your college mascot splashed across your pillowcase.
  2. Seating is limited – your bed might turn into a makeshift couch. Make sure it’s comfortable by investing in an egg crate and some cool throw pillows. Throw pillows are essential – you don’t want peoples sweaty hands playing around with where you lay your head at night.
  3. Set the mood with some different lighting. Floor lamps, desk lamps, and clip-on lights are all easy and cheap ways to do this. Flip off the fluorescent lights and use that floor lamp (colored lampshades are always an interesting way to mix it up).
  4. Make sure your floor mates know you have some snacks to spare. The most economical way to do this is keep the food you rarely eat on display and hide the candy (what they don’t know won’t hurt them).
  5. Everybody likes to play DJ – keep your music device out and easily accessible so you and your friends can karaoke to everyone’s favorite songs.
  6. Like most other things in life, the bigger the TV the better.
  7. Storage bins are your friend. No one wants to relax in a cluttered room. Use these to keep your things organized and out of the way. In a pinch, these bins can double as an extra place to sit.
  8. Get a whiteboard to hang outside your door. Write your own messages, but always make sure there’s a marker available for others to leave little notes.
  9. Keep your door open when you’re just hanging out or watching TV. This is a great way keep a fresh flow of traffic inside your room and meet new people.