5 Awesome Pranks for your College Dorm

  1. Plastic wrap on the toilet – This one is a classic. If you have a communal bathroom then you can wrap plastic wrap between the seat and the toilet bowl. The next morning before the 8am classes, at least one tired and unsuspecting student will be in for a very unpleasant surprise.
  2. Rotting food trick – This should only be reserved for your most hated nemesis. Get a few of those disposable Tupperware containers and poke a few holes in the top lid. Then locate something that perishes quickly; raw fish works well. Then place the container under your target’s bed or in his closet. Wait a few days, and watch as his room is overrun by a horrid smell.
  3. Hidden alarm clock – Get a cheap, battery powered alarm clock and set it for a later hour in the middle of the night. Then place it somewhere in your target’s room where he will be able to hear it, but not see it; under the bed works as long as it is a loud alarm. In the middle of the night he will be startled, and likely very upset.
  4. Dismantled bed – This one is truly awesome, but you will probably have to get your target’s roommate to lend you his room key. Wait until a Friday or Saturday night when your target plans on going out for the night and stay for an extra 15 minutes. Sneak into his room and dismantle his bed. When he arrives at 2am he will be disgruntled and exhausted and he will probably be forced to sleep on the floor. For an added twist, you can reassemble his bed in the hallway in front of his room.
  5. Stealing towel/robe – This is simple yet effective if you have communal bathrooms. Wait for your target to walk into the bathroom to shower. Then once they are mid shower steal their towel and or bathrobe and put it someplace where they will have to walk exposed for a short distance. This one never gets old.

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